Weekend Workshops

Vacanza Beginners FamilyThaimassage Vacanza organises Thaimassage courses: Weekend-workshops and longterm residential  retreats for beginners and advanced students. The weekend-workshops are held in a quiet area in Basel.

Since 2016 we organise a series of high-quality Weekend-Workshops for advanced practitioners with various experienced teachers, held in Basel.

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Cancelled due Covid 19 regulations!

Thaimassage Vacanza Advanced Weekend Workshop:
Dynamic Thaimassage “Be free and rock” with Till Heeg in Basel
Sat/Sun, 7.11. – 8.11.2020

2-day Advanced dynamic Thaimassage Workshop
Date: Saturday, 7.11. – Sunday 8.11.2020 / 8.30-17h
Location: Werkraum Warteck pp, Raum Cirqu’enflex, Burgweg 15, CH 4058 Basel
Costs: CHF 250.00
incl. lunches

The sessions will be accompanied with live music from Rainbow Yogi Marcus Felsner
There is a Kirtan Concert on Saturday, 7.11.2020 – 18h  which is open for all – entry free.
“Do not stop the movement to find Peacefulness, find Peacefulness within the movement” (Chinese Proverb)
In this Weekend advanced Dynamic Course we will focus on fluidity in transitions, bringing a direction into the flow and rhythm of our treatment and opening up to the playfulness and creativity within the Thai Massage.
Both of the mornings, we will start with warmup exercises and movements, which are opening up our body for the practice to come.
We will experience the different qualities of the Sacred Dance, from “rock and roll” to precise and very directed techniques coming from the Osteopathic background.
The work on the Water Element is extremely therapeutic, can free accumulated and stagnated energy in the different systems of the body, can restore lost mobility and release the nervous system. Dynamic techniques are helpful to increase the circulation of the fluids in the body and reharmonises up until the cellular level of the body. Over all, this beautiful Art, can bring us inspiration and joy and it will show another dimension of our potential as body workers.
Basic Course in Thai Massage is required, the foundation of dynamics should be understood, so we can directly jump into the more free dimension of this beautiful practice.
Till Heeg, a certified physiotherapist, has been infected by the positive vibrations of Thai Yoga Massage in 2003. With the sacred dance of Thai Massage, he found that he can touch receivers on a deeper level. Since then he travelled several times back to Thailand, India and Greece to study with many great teachers. Till is renowned for his lovely and kind being, his soft touch and deep trust in life.
The course is held in English and/or German.
Some benefits of the Dynamic Thai Massage:
-For the Giver:
*improving fluidity, precision and transitions in the massage
*creativity, playfulness and happiness while working
*developing the touch while working on the liquid and elastic elements of the body.
-For the Receiver:
*recovering mobility and freedom in his/her musculoskeletal system,
*improving the fluid systems and it’s circulation (blood and lymphatic systems),
*re-establishing a good energetic circulation,
*releasing the nervous system


Thaimassage Vacanza Advanced Weekend Workshop:
Thai Stretching Special with Krishnataki in Basel
Fri/Sat/Sun, 19. – 21.03.2021

3-day Advanced dynamic Thaimassage Workshop
Date: Friday, 19.3. until Sunday 21.3.2021 / 8.30-17h
Location: Werkraum Warteck pp, Raum Cirqu’enflex, Burgweg 15, 4058 Basel
Costs: CHF 400.00
incl. lunches

In this advanced dynamic Thai massage we deal intensively with the traditional Thai stretches, which are more and more neglected in modern Thai massage. The stretches are essential to align the fascia in which the energy lines flow and thus to open these energy lines and make them permeable.

This course is taught personally by Krishnataki. Originally from Greece, he has been traveling to Asia for 25 years, where he has intensively studied Thai massage and yoga. He was trained by the many ancient Thai massage masters in Thailand and yoga gurus in India. He is the owner of the Sunshine House in Evia, Greece.