Thaimassage Vacanza organises Thai-Yoga-Massage courses: Weekend-workshops and longterm residential  retreats for beginners and advanced students. The weekend-workshops are held in a quiet area in Basel. The long-term residential retreats are based in a remote course house in the wild-romantic and quiet Swiss Alps, so that we can immerse ourselves in the process without distraction and hectic. 

Thaimassage Vacanza has been organizing courses for beginners and advanced students since 2011, with internationally renowned and experienced teachers, who have already led countless retreats . If the Covid-19 situation allows, we will again be holding our popular 10-day Thai-Yoga- Massage retreat for beginners in summer 2022. You can find details below.


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All Corona rules and restrictions have been lifted as per 17th February 2022. Our courses are happening definitely as planned without restrictions.

New Beginners course in Summer 2022

9-day Thaimassage Beginners Retreat
with Krishnataki
Sat, 11th June till Sun, 19th June 2022

Next Date: Saturday, 11th June till Sunday, 19th June 2022

Location: Ferienheim Region Fraubrunnen, Erliweg 5, CH – 3778 Schönried / Bernese Alps
Costs: CHF 1’800.00 all inclusive (all teachings, manual, vegan food and accomodation)
For European Students (non Swiss residents – please inquire about the Euro Course Fee)

Open for all interested, also beginners: In this course for beginners we learn sequences and techniques for a 2 hour treatment of thaimassage.

The breathtaking and peaceful mountains of the Swiss alps are the perfect setting for our courses in traditional Thai-Yoga-Massage for beginners and advanced practitioners. In the spirit of the roots of thaimassage, the course is held in the stillness of the mountains far away from the buzz of civilisation. The course center and accomodation is simple and cosy without luxury. Without distraction we dive into the ancient world of traditional Thai-Yoga-Massage.

All Infos and Details see here.

4-day Thaimassage Advanced Retreat:
“The Morjim Sequences”
with Sia Peyman in Schönried
Saturday, 11.6. – Tuesday, 14.6.2022

Date: Saturday, 11.6. – Tuesday, 14.6.2022
Location: Ferienheim Region Fraubrunnen, Erliweg 5, CH – 3778 Schönried
Costs: CHF 750.00
(all teachings, manual, vegan food and accomodation)

The Morjim Sequences

In these short sequences of around 45 minutes in length, we treat a specific area of ​​the body (pelvis, knees, shoulders, neck, back, feet, etc.). We use dynamic and static, silent techniques from Thai massage, osteo-thai, craniosacral therapy to work with the tissue and to relax, loosen and unwinding it.

In a playful way we will easily learn more sophisticated technics by repeating principles. It will also offer deeper understandings about the benefits and how the body reacts by being approached in different ways. This observations/reactions can be useful to give us more clarity on choosing a specific approach in a particular situation. These sequences can be perfectly used as a short treatment with a more therapeutic aspect or can be combined into a longer flow. „The Morjim Sequences“ got their name as an homage to the little Indian town Morjim, where Sia spent many months studying yoga and teaching Thai massage classes every Monday and Thursday to all different kinds of bodyworkers, beginners and non-professional Thai massage enthusiastic.


6-day Thaimassage Advanced Retreat:
“Body Poetry”
with Till Heeg, Vangelis Varis & Bojan Babic in Schönried
from Tue, 14.6. till Sun 19.6.2022

Date: Tuesday, 14.6. – Sunday, 19.6.2022
Location: Ferienheim Region Fraubrunnen, Erliweg 5, CH – 3778 Schönried
Costs: CHF 1’150.00 (all teachings, manual, vegan food and accomodation)

This 6 days course is the beginning of a new chapter, “Body Poetry”. We getter in a circle, to explore and discover a unique way of  living, palpating and treating. The Principles we share are “universal cornerstones” for us, “the essence” of our practice, we want to share with YOU.

Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Biodynamics, are just a few words to start our journey with. We will travel the path of the liquids and prana. We will explore the human emotions, expressed in the internal organs. Palpate rhythm, flow and vitality. We will share how we treat and build up a routine, which gives a guideline within creativity, freedom and space.

Body Poetry means that we perceive the present moment clear as possible, vulnerable, intimate, free of identity. In this emptiness, everything can happen, nothing must. Receiver and Giver become one and the beauty is in simplicity of nature and the expression of life through the human body experience.

„There is not a particle of life which does not bear poetry within it“. Gustave Flaubert

Till Heeg, a certified physiotherapist, has been infected by the positive vibrations of Thai Yoga Massage in 2003. With the sacred dance of Thai Massage, he found that he can touch receivers on a deeper level. Since then he travelled several times back to Thailand, India and Greece to study with many great teachers. Till is renowned for his lovely and kind being, his soft touch and deep trust in life.

The course is held in English and/or German.